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Blood Glucose Homeostasis

A hot topic that has been circulating in the past years is the importance of blood sugar balance. It is well known that every cell in the body relies to some extent on the availability of glucose to meet its energy needs. The glucose needed by the cells is obtained from glucose in the bloodstream. Therefore blood glucose levels must be maintained within strict limits to ensure that adequate (but not excessive) glucose is available. If glucose levels fall below normal an individual may feel weak and dizzy, while elevations of blood glucose can also cause problems, as is seen in diabetes.

Blood glucose homeostasis is maintained via the interaction of hormones. The two main hormones involved are insulin (which causes blood glucose to fall) and glucagon (which causes blood glucose to rise). Other hormones including adrenaline may also influence blood glucose. The blood sugar level fluctuates during the day and is affected by the food eaten, the lifestyle, hormones, and genetics. It is important to balance blood glucose levels since blood sugar can impact many bodily functions: heart, eyes, kidneys, etc. Consuming a mindful diet and modifying lifestyle can help regulate blood glucose levels, but there are also herbs that can reduce insulin resistance, rejuvenate pancreatic beta cells, lower blood sugar levels, and aid in preventing long-term complications.

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